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For Families

The New Jersey Children's
System of Care

FACT is part of the the NJ Children's System of Care, who is focused on prevention and early intervention by connecting a young person with the care they need in the most appropriate setting — the right care in the right place at the right time. Our goal is to help families and caregivers create a more stable and healing environment for children, address barriers to well-being, and maximize youth and family strengths.

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Our Focus Is Your Successful Outcome


Behavioral Health

If your child shows physical and/or verbal aggression, bullies others, or is being bullied. If your child experiences grief that is beyond "normal" or has suffered trauma due to tragedies or witnessing violence.


Developmental Disability

If you are struggling to meet the needs of your developmentally delayed child or adolescent or if your child refuses to attend school or there are serious concerns about their learning or performance at school.


Substance Use

If a relative, trusted friend, teacher or other adult in your child’s life has expressed concerns about the use of dangerous or illegal substances that may be aggravating or covering up other issues.


There's so much to love

The referral process outlined below provides your child with the best chance for a positive outcome. Please familiarize yourself with the three primary steps for getting assistance for your child and family.

Step 1

Call PerformCARE at (877) 652-7624. A PerformCARE Care Coordinator will ask you some basic questions to help determine if your family needs immediate assistance.

Step 2

The Care Coordinator will contact a Clinician to complete a Needs Assessment, to determine if you need more intensive support such as community-based care management services for your child.

Step 3

If your child has need for intensive wraparound care and support services and can benefit from a dedicated family and community team, you will then be referred to the FACT team.

Understanding the
New Jersey Children's System of Care

Watch the video overview below to help familiarize yourself with the wraparound system of care that keeps children in their homes for more positive outcomes and how your family can benefit throughout the referral process.

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